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Project Management

All organisations need to constantly review their environment and identify opportunities for improvement.

Working with a variety of stakeholders including business owners, employees, franchisors, builders, suppliers, architects, council, town planning, civil engineers, banks and finance companies I have overseen numerous successful projects that have fundamentally strengthened businesses both strategically and operationally.

Other projects have included sale of franchises, partnership buyout, new franchise applications, business restructure, department process improvement, digital marketing and website reviews and business refinance.

Interim CFO

It is imperative for any organisation to have strong financial control and leadership in order to be successful.

As the chief financial officer for a successful dealership group I was involved in all facets of business operations and was directly responsible for the financial, administrative and information technology functions of the organisation.

In addition to this role I have at times had direct responsibility for the fixed operations (Service and Parts) functions of the dealership. My role involved providing advice and support to all departments to improve overall business profitability and operational efficiency.

Business Planning

Business Planning is an essential part of organisational management and business improvement.

Preparation of business plans on a regular basis for a variety of stakeholders including business owners, internal departments, franchisors, banks and finance companies formed part of my role in my previous employment.

These plans included detailed financial models used for budgeting and forecasting at department level, in addition to analysing current business operations and providing strategies and advice as to how to achieve business goals.

Organisational Reviews

Organisational reviews conducted on a regular basis can form part of a program of continuous improvement.

In order for a business to respond to market conditions and economic events quickly it is important to have a thorough understanding of current operations and potential areas for improvement.

In the course of my career I have gained extensive experience in conducting business reviews at strategic, tactical and operational levels and implementing plans to restructure operations to consolidate core resources and reduce expenses and redundant assets.

Business Analysis

Effective communication of business problems and potential solutions either as part of a project or in the course of normal operations is essential to business improvement.

IT Projects benefit where complex business issues can be represented using abstract models, allowing stakeholders to clearly understand requirements to successfully complete the project.

Analysing business performance is an essential part of any CFO role. I have experience in using a variety of analysis techniques including benchmarking, KPI review, balanced scorecard, SWOT, PESTLE, Business Cases, Financial Analysis, UML Diagrams, Functional Decomposition and Non-Functional Requirements Analysis.

Cost Reduction Reviews

As market conditions change it is imperative that businesses proactively manage their expenditure to maintain profitability and operational capabilities.

Changes in Information technology impact business on a daily basis allowing for faster communication, improved employee efficiency and potential for expense reduction.

Expense Analysis, supplier reviews and contract renegotiation can provide substantial improvements to the bottom line of your business.

Change Management

New technology is allowing startup operators to disrupt long established market leaders. Whether through continuous improvement or major restructure, managing change in every organisation is critical to success.

Effective communication and an understanding of organisational dynamics are important factors when implementing change.

Data Migration

The availability of cost effective new technology has led to many organisations reviewing their existing IT infrastructure. If you have made the decision to change systems it is imperative your existing data is transferred correctly with minimal disruption to business operations.

With qualifications in both accounting and IT I have the knowledge and skills to ensure your data migration is completed successfully.

Management Reporting Reviews

Timely and accurate management reporting systems are essential to allow organisations to maximise opportunities and monitor business performance.

Management reports can take a variety of forms including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, Department Performance, Employee Performance, Stock Performance, Expense breakdowns, WIP analysis, Aged Accounts Receivable and Payable, Bank Reconciliations and Payroll reports.

I have advanced Microsoft Excel skills and have built an extensive range of complex models and reports to facilitate proactive business management over the course of my 20 years of employment.

Process & System Redesign

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity and reduce expenses in an effort to remain competitive.

The way an organisation’s customers, suppliers, employees and owners communicate and interact can have a great impact on competitiveness and profitability.

Streamlining processes and systems can save time and money and create better working environments.

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