CSU – Bachelor of IT (Software Development)



Introduction to Information Technology : High Distinction
Programming Principles : High Distinction
Programming in Java 1 : High Distinction
Programming in Java 2 : High Distinction
Data Structures : High Distinction
Application Development for Windows : Distinction
Software Engineering : High Distinction


Starting with foundation concepts including problem-solving, algorithm development and coding, these subjects move to more advanced techniques in program analysis, design, coding, debugging, testing and documentation.

These subjects cover knowledge in a number of areas including object orientation, inheritance patterns and implementation, control structures of sequence, selection, and iteration, abstract data structures, UML and software engineering concepts of designing programs for accuracy, maintainability, ease of development and reusability.


Project Management:

IT Project Management : Distinction
Project Preparation : High Distinction
Software Development Project : Distinction


Project Management Knowledge Areas (PMBOK) covered in these subjects include –:

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management

The software development project was the capstone subject of the course where I was required to develop software using the Unified Process methodology in addition to the main artifacts of the development process.  These artifacts included extensive documentation of application requirements and design using Unified Modelling Language (UML) modelling techniques and tools.

The software was verified initially through the delivery of a functional prototype, and then more thoroughly tested using unit and program testing methods including automated tools and techniques, software quality control and test documentation.


System Analysis:

Systems Analysis : High Distinction
Object Oriented System Analysis & Design : Distinction


These subjects provide instruction in the use of different systems analysis approaches (object oriented and structured) and processes including iterative system development life cycle, Rational Unified Process and Agile techniques.  Other knowledge areas include feasibility analysis, requirements gathering, requirements specification (i.e. functional and non-functional), use cases and test cases, system requirements models (i.e. analysis of class diagrams and data flow diagrams), software design patterns and Unified Modelling Language (UML).


Communication & Information Management : High Distinction


Excellent Communication skills are a key requirement for any professional.  This subject covers a variety of skills including listening, speaking, directing and instructing, presenting, conflict resolution strategies, non-verbal communication, audience awareness, sender credibility, self-concept, empathy and assertiveness.  Other topics include written communication skills including report writing, business plans and proposals.



Database Management Systems : High Distinction
Database Implementation : High Distinction


Databases are at the heart of all modern management information systems.  These subjects cover a wide range of database knowledge areas including requirements gathering, database design, normalisation theory and techniques, database modelling using Entity Relationship Diagrams (EDR), security, data integrity and Structured Query Language (SQL).


Management & Information Security : Distinction
Security, Privacy & Ethics : High Distinction


Professional responsibility is an important aspect in the IT profession.  These subjects covered knowledge of ethical concepts and theories, professional practice and ethics, privacy, intellectual property.

Information security concepts covered included firewall technologies, host and data security, application security concepts and practices, cryptography, network security, data protection, incident and disaster recovery and security planning and policy.



Intro to Data Communications : Distinction
Network Engineering 1 : Distinction
Network Engineering 2 : High Distinction
Network Engineering 3 : Distinction


These subjects provide an understanding of computer networks and data communications. Knowledge areas include network design and management for LAN, WAN and VLANs, addressing and naming schemes, subnetting IP networks, routing and switching techniques and protocols, network security, telecommunication systems and the Internet.


Web Development:

Human Computer Interaction : Distinction
Introduction to Web Development : High Distinction
On-line Multimedia : High Distinction


These subjects provide a solid foundation in web development.  A number of websites were developed using XHTML and JavaScript.  Knowledge areas covered include usability testing, capturing user requirements, principles of user interface design and usability and the use of input and output devices, interactive styles and relevance to context and requirements.


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CSU – Bachelor of IT


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