Key Cash Flow KPI’s for Improving Working Capital

Cash flow is the life blood of every business – without it everything comes to a grinding halt. While many businesses review their profitability with department managers on a monthly basis to improve performance, cash flow and working capital forecasting often only becomes a priority when money gets tight.  To improve working capital, cash flow […]

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Free Digital Marketing Short Course – Yellow Pages responds – Not Happy Jan !!!

It was only twenty years ago that forgetting to put an ad in the Yellow Pages was a cardinal sin that would make it difficult for customers to contact your business for an entire year.  New technologies including the internet, google and smart phones have all but made the telephone book obsolete. In today’s world […]

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What is the chance of success for your next IT Project?

Despite improvements to project management methodologies, techniques and collaboration software in recent years, the failure rates of IT projects are still comparatively high. Before embarking on any project that will have major impacts on organisational operations it is imperative that key stakeholders understand: Where the organisation is now. What are the key drivers for change. […]

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